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Laughter in prison? Watch Rebecca's Pecha Kucha talk (20 slides, 20 seconds a slide): "Laughing for No Reason in Prison".   

How does celebration shape our experience of life? (And what does it have to do with prisons, death and latrines?!)  Listen to Rebecca on Katie West's "The Levity Life" show.

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the center of joy
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"If you can't stand in the center of joy,
see if you can stand a little closer to it..."
Divya Epstein-Lubow                    
Laughter, song, dance and play are four essential ways human beings express and share joy.  This site is dedicated to the cultivation of these expressions as a conscious choice to move towards the center of our own joy, the joy which is our true nature

Grounded in wise hearted
contemplative practice, this conscious cultivation of joy becomes not only a celebration of life, but our sadhana (our inner spiritual practice) as well as our offering to the world.

I offer this site as a place to share my own exploration of a path that joyfully integrates laughter and movement with mindfulness and meditation.

I believe that consciously stepping towards our own unconditional "center of joy" expands beyond the personal.  We deepen our connection with others, sharing in the delights and the paradoxes of being alive.  We create more space to hold our suffering and that of the world with equanimity.  We begin to live more out of wonder than complaint and act more out of love than reactivity. 
I am a long time vipassana meditator and a certified teacher in yoga, Laughter Yoga and JourneyDance.  While I  have degrees in Economics and Public Administration and have worked in a variety of educational, non-profit and international settings, I am a teacher at heart.  Mostly I love to laugh, sing, dance, and play.  I truly hope you will join me... 
                                  -- Rebecca Foster
                                     Providence, RI

Rebecca presenting at the 2010 All America
Laughter Yoga Conference.

"Kiss the Ground"
A song by IX Tortuga (RJF)

Banner Photos
1) RJF & other laughing yogis at the American School of Laughter Yoga Leader Training, NYC, March, 2009.  Photo by Jordan Hollender Photography
2) RJF in Shavaasana in the RIARange Labyrinth, Elk Bend, Idaho, September 2008.  Sixty-six foot "Chartres" labyrinth built by RJF in 2005.  Photo by Joseph Lusi.
3) RJF & other dancing yogis at JourneyDance Teacher Training, Kripalu, November 2009.  Photo by Evelyn Davis.

      New & Upcoming

For dates of all classes and events, see the center of joy calendar.

JourneyDance Get sweaty, funky and divine! Sunday August 30th, 10-11:30am at the Movement Exchange.

Providence Laughter Club! Laugh, breathe and be merry... 
nd & 4th Tuesdays, 
7:30-8:30pm, FREE, at South Side Yoga Center.

"I Am My Sunshine"
A new twist on an old standard to remind us that we are the ultimate source of own happiness...

Center of Joy Coaching  Discover your own personal center of joy!  "Fabulous"... "Immensely helpful"... "Lasting, ingraining impact."

Laughter-Qi: Kidney Sequence
This short 3 minute practice energizes the body and breath while brightening the heart and mind.

Contemplative Play Dive into the Play of Being...!  Stay tuned for next date.   

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training Learn to give the gift of laughter! Stay tuned for next date!

Laughter & Silence An Uncommon Exploration of Breath and Meditation. Stay tuned for next workshop!
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